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Wild Trout Safaris!
Wild Trout Safaris!
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Thanks for stopping by. This is a site built by fly fishermen for fly fishermen.  Browse around, cast us a line       , read my blog on the News Link and Extreme class link, or just enjoy a site that is about fly-fishing!  All of the fish photos on this page are of my fly fishing students.  I teach fly fishing classes at all levels; Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Extreme classes.  You can read about each class by clicking on the class title icon.  Or, you can register for any class from the "Fly Fishing School" page. Join us, we have a great time.
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The firehole river, June 1996, Yellowstone National Park
Advanced Class
Salt Water
Rainbow on mouse pattern.  Alaska, 2004.
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Beginning Class
85 North Main Street, Kaysville Utah
I own a fly fishing shop in Kaysville called Mickey Finns Fly Box.  Come visit us on Main Street, we have everything you need. Seriously, it is a small shop but we have everything you need. If you need a specific item that we do not carry let me know and I will get it for you. The shop's website: is an online store, offering everything our vendors sell. Allow 4-5 days for shipping. -mike
Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone, 2005
"Mickey Finns"
Bighorn Brown 2007
Stanley Steelhead 2007
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Pork Fork Bow 2008
Dolly Varden on a Navi Alaska 2008
Owahee Brown 2009
Salmon River Ironhead 2009
Small Mouth John Day River 2009
Home of great fly fishing classes and awesome fly fishing trips!
The whole family, Mike, Mickey, Finn, and Gail.
Fiji, 2000. GT(Giant Trevally), Jack Tuna, Mahi Mahi.
Bull Trout 2009
Canadian Bully 2009
Owahee Brownie 2010
Florida Keys 2010
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Fly Fish
Fly Fishing Students receive a huge starter package discount at Mickey Finns.
   Mickey Finn's Fly Box was opened specifically to meet the gear needs of the Fly Fishing Classes. The classes are not here to support the shop. The classes are in their 20th year, the Shop is only starting its 6th year.  We need the shop in order keep the classes supplied. I truly hope that you patronize the shop. The shop can keep going if everyone makes their fly fishing purchases from Mickey Finns.
Alaskan Leopard Rainbows 2011