Wild Trout Safaris!
Wild Trout Safaris!
My name is Michael Navidomskis. I'm 52 years old, and I presently live in Kaysville, Utah with my wife Gail and two sons Mickey and Finn. I teach History and Civics at Davis High School in Kaysville. I have degrees in History, Anthropology and Geography. I also have minors in Botany, Zoology, Physical Education and the Finnish language.
I have been trout fishing since I was two years old. Fishing is my life. Fishing for me fills, I believe, an innate need. Growing up in the Mountain West has afforded me the ability to be an extremely accomplished fly fisherman. I have been fly fishing for over 38 years.  I have also worked in business management (Smith Corp.) and for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I have been teaching these fly fishing classes for more than 20 years. Many of my students have gone on to become professional fly fishing guides.
Mike and son Mickey fishing from the "Casting Couch"  Yellowstone Lake.  1999
Mike floating the Goodnews river in Alaska 1997
Mickey's Birthday fish. Age 11. Yellowstone 2005
Mickey's Birthday fish. Age 12 Bighorn 2006
Teaching the fly fishing classes have been an amazing chapter in my life. When I started the first fly fishing class in 1994, I had no idea where the course would take me. I now teach 11 classes at various skill levels.  In 2005, I joined with KSL Radio to be one of the hosts of KSL Outdoors. I have been doing the radio show for about 8 years. We broadcast every Saturday morning covering all topics in the outdoors, from not just the West but from around the world. I serve as the fishing and skiing expert but participate in all outdoor discussions. Even when I am not in studio, I still call in to the show from every destination imaginable via SAT phone The fly fishing classes have become the most popular community school class, not only in Davis County, but the entire state of Utah. I never would have imagined how popular and rewarding the classes would become. The biggest reward, without question, are the people that I have met and the many friends I have made while teaching the classes. Those friends are by far the biggest treasure of all. You too will meet your best friend in the class. Join us for great instruction and lots of fun.
Mickey's Birthday fish. Age 13 Bighorn 2007
Mickey's Birthday fish. Age 14 Bighorn 2008
My youngest son Finn turned 13 this past year and for the first time has been joining us on our fishing trips for the past five years.  He has been dry fly fishing since he was five, but this year he has really learned how to master fishing submersively.   Frankly, when it comes to dry fly fishing he has out fished all my extreme class students.  Everybody look out, because Finn has it going on.  Unlike Mickey, Finn's birthday lands in December and unfortunatly he doesn't get to fish on his birthday every year.   
Mickey's Birthday Fish. Age 15 Bighorn 2009
Finn netted his first Steelhead 2009
Elk River Cutt took Finn's Hopper 2008
Snake River Bow 2008
Ruby River Brown 2008
Mickey's Birthday Fish. Age 16 Bighorn 2010
Fish'n with Dad and his boyz! Winter 2009
Dad and the boys.  BC Canada 2008
Pig Brown. Oregon 2009
Winter Bow 2009
Mickey and Dad on a double. John Day River 2009
Wyoming Hog 2008
I teach a comprehensive course in flyfishing. If you want to learn to fly fish, this is the class for you. I have worked out the curriculum to be a fool proof system.
Canadian Bully 2009
Small Mouth Bass 2008
Finn with his first King Salmon 2010
Lepporad Rainbow 2010
Also, we ski. Infact skiing is why we live in Utah. Incase you havn't noticed we follow the Utes too.
Finn with a couple  big bows 2011
Alaskan Lepporad Rainbow